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Just a Stage: All the world's a stage, but when will they grow out of this one?

Award-winning journalist Jan Butsch Schroder wrote a popular parenting column in Atlanta for years and has combined them in this collection of hilarious essays. Jan takes real life stories and turns them into comedy routines. Any woman who has ever spent time with kids will laugh at her fresh, yet familiar style. If you're exasperated and exhausted from trying to understand the male psyche, juggling your life around a carpool schedule or simply because you can't find five minutes of "me" time, this collection of lighthearted readings will give your soul a much-needed break. It's Doctor Recommended!

"Jan Butsch Schroder's book is a must-read for new and expectant parents. I highly recommend 'Just A Stage' and guarantee smiles, chuckles and laughter to anyone who has been there, done that." - Tom Calk, M.D., Pediatrician